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MELODY ORACLE is a "musical pattern divination system" AKA "spirit organ," an oblique sequencer/synthesizer with a game board-style interface and a pattern generation method not found on any other sequencer.

MELODY ORACLE is rhythmic, logical, and musical, yet is continually surprising and inspiring in its generations. The border of chaos and order.

MELODY ORACLE can be used standalone as a COSMIC MUSIC RECEIVER, or interfaced as a melodic or rhythmic source in an existing electronic music setup. Paired with WAVE EXPANDER, it can also become a CV and Gate Sequencing source. Tuning is completely variable.

The box includes a 14 page graphic instruction manual, a power supply, and 30 metal game pieces.

Two eight-sided dice (included) can be used by any number of players to INVOKE THE ENDLESS SONG OF COSMIC ORDER AND CHAOS (instructions included).

MELODY ORACLE has 8 multiturn fine tuners, a 1/4" audio line out and an "AMP LINK" port for interfacing with the WAVE EXPANDER to output CV, GATE, and raw Oscillator outputs, as well as future AMP expansion modules.

A built-in speaker version is also available for $421.