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STAR SONG is a rotating optical disc sequencer with a built-in synthesizer.

STAR SONG can be used either to drive its own minimalist pulse wave synthesizer, or in combination with the A. M. P. electronics WAVE EXPANDER to drive external analog AND MODULAR synthesizers. Disc speed and rotation direction can be controlled either internally or externally.

To create sequences on STAR SONG, the translucent rings of the optical disc are marked with a marker (included) or opaque tape; the disc is then put into motion. The sequence recorded on the disc is played in real time. Additional optical discs are sold separately, allowing for indefinite storage of your favorite sequences.

The disc has six rings related to sequencing the internal pulse wave synthesizer, and one for controlling the cut-off frequency of the built-in band pass filter. The three outer rings, called “intervals,” are used in their eight permutations to select from eight user-defined notes. An eight note scale or other group of pitches is tuned using multi-turn fine tuners found on the side of the unit. The next three rings, called “registers,” are used for gating the three octaves. The three octaves can be gated in any combination. The innermost ring controls the cut-off frequency for the built-in band pass filter.

Two touch contacts are found on the corners of the front panel. The left contact toggles disc rotation on and off, while the right toggles rotation direction. The central dial controls the speed of rotation. Additionally, there are 1/8" inputs for rotation speed and rotation direction. When the disc speed input is patched, the internal motor clock is disconnected, and disc speed is controlled by an external oscillator. This allows for completely variable speed control and automated tempo changes. When the disc direction input is PATCHED, disc direction is controlled by an external GATE signal. The presence of a positive gate (>7.5V DC) causes the disc to rotate clockwise, and a gate “off” (<7.5V DC) signal causes the disc to rotate counter-clockwise.

With the addition of WAVE EXPANDER, STAR SONG becomes an analog sequencer, outputting a GATE signal for the marks on each ring, as well as tuned analog control voltage, tunable separately from STAR SONGs own built-in synthesizer. It also makes four OCTAVES of raw (un-gated) pulse wave outputs from the STAR SONG's built-in synthesizer available for patching as a sound or modulation source to a modular system.

Sing the cycles of the spheres, with Star Song, a “revolutionary” new sequencer.