Oak Ring Ridge is the project of Andy Puls and Sarah Hagen. Building an off-grid homestead and gathering place in nature has been a long time dream for both of us, and we look forward to sharing it with other dreamers.

We are located on the edge of an isolated creek canyon surrounded by thousands of acres of explorable Klamath National Forest and timber land. Much of the area has not seen a human foot in decades if not centuries. This area is a meeting point of the traditional tribal territories of the Shasta, Klamath, and Modoc Indians.

The surrounding landscape is Cascade Mountain forest, prairie, canyon, and riparian zones. The property has an old trail that winds gently down the canyon to a creek flowing with cool mountain water year round. Summers are warm and dry and winters are wet and at times snowy. Spring brings an abundance of wildflowers to the forests and prairies.

One noteworthy feature of the surrounding landscape is the presence of a population of wild (feral) horses, likely originating sometime in the late 1800s. Hikes in the surrounding areas usually result in wild horse sightings.

The majority of the grounds at Oak Ring Ridge were purchased from a previous owner who abused and neglected the land and buildings. Our first mission is to clean up and restore the land. Much of this trash has already been removed, but much work still remains.

We have started by building small structures, serving as accommodations while working on the big project of building and renovating the other structures and improving the land.

Above are small cabins and our first compositing outhouse/rainwater shower hut, built on the first 20 acre land parcel, prior to the purchase of the remaining majority of the property. Below is the main house, fallen into deep disrepair, with a new roof being the first priority.

And some recent projects:

Andy's workshop/studio "The Solar Cell." Learn more about Andy's projects here.

Another hut in progress, built 100% from salvaged dead cedar and douglas fir trees from our forest, milled on site.

And our well house.

Our plans are to create a space for people to enjoy, study, connect with nature, focus on their craft or other pursuits, etc. Again, if you have an idea for working with us, please get in touch.

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